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it's time to get down.
basics → hannah. 18. college freshman, indiana university. EALC major with focus in korean.

yes or no?
fandoms → kpop. dbsk. super junior. SHINee. 2PM. shu-i. u-kiss.
also likes → bi. 4minute. sori. wonder girls. seo taiji. leehom. royal pirates. BoA. parry grip. good remixes. good beats.

i love making friends, and i'm kind of insane sometimes. i also love writing, be it fanfiction or whatever else. roleplaying is another thing i'm quite fond of, so if you wanna, hit me up. there's not much else to say. i'm a fun person, or so i'd like to think, so if any of our interests match up you should leave me a comment ;D

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